Today was the start-up for the proPIC course. I was really excited even before the meeting and now I can't wait to meet all the other students!! That possibility of new contacts is a advantage beyond the expected knowledge the course will bring and I really hope we can exchange a lot of experiences!
Mostly, I want to know how I as a teacher can optimize the development for students by using technology in the classroom the right way. Experiences in several classrooms has shown the advantages of technology, especially when learning how to read in first grade and I think it's spectacular how iPads and pedagogical apps make it possible for students,irrespective formerly ability,  to do the same exercises. Things like that, makes me extremly curious of what more the fast-growing development can bring, not least for the aforementioned including-perspective!
Furthermore, I see this as a oppourtunity to develop my ability of expressing myself in english and understand formal texts in a better way. I think that is a determining factor in my uppcoming profession, to not miss out updated international science about childrens learing-process because of a deficient linguistics.