Tutorial 3- Idea
As I read the e-book about Observation, I came up with an idea for the project. It would be very interesting to identify how teachers teach about how to use technology, to find things that is often forgotten. I am thinking about trix that digital-used-children have learned from home, that children without that experience can not. That kind of things could be non-including, and something teachers would like to notice as well. For example, if a teacher tells the student to "print screen" something, maybe the teacher is so focused on the text they working with, that he/she forgets to tell how to print screen. Teacher can forget things anytime and usually students just ask- but I think that it could be harder to ask things like this- that everyoneelse is making son easy and embarissing not to manage a common thing like an iPad. So maybe a guide with small trix and ways to use digital tools could prevent that excluding-climate. 
Observation, discriben in  tutorial 3 and also interwiev with students- could be a good way toidentify when students feel  insecure while working with digital tools- to create a guide for the teachers.